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    What Our Drivers Think

    Knight has been the best company for me overall. They provide good miles, are easy to communicate with, and it gets better and better.

    – Russ Melich, Dry Van Driver - Columbus, OH

    I didn’t know what a fun and exciting ride it would be with Knight. Knight provided a career for me with the best equipment and support group. I am blessed.

    - Mark Farkas, Driver since 1990

    If you do your job and do it well, you won’t have any problems at all. Knight gets us home when we need to get home and they always keep us in good equipment.

    - James Keys, Driver – Kansas City, MO

    I enjoy how organized Knight is, how they provide good equipment, and that they acknowledge everything I do. I am always shown respect as a driver and they train their dispatchers well.

    - Blake Burdette served in the Air Force, Driver – Lakeland, FL

    Knight treats me well and gets me home when I ask. I have a great dispatcher and I love the truck I got.

    - Stephen Smeltxer, Reefer Driver - Columbus, OH

    This has been my favorite job I’ve ever had. I like how there is no pressure at Knight. We have a choice and they listen and take the time to talk.

    - Cesar Martinez, Port & Rail Driver - Los Angeles, CA

    If I have a problem on the road I can always call them to get my problem resolved. I don’t have to worry about sitting for days waiting to see if they are going to take care of it.

    - Claudio Clark, Independent Contractor for 7.5 years

    When I got started, it took about a week, maybe two, because it was my first time I didn’t know much about trucking. I thought it was a nice smooth process. The recruiter told me all of the steps and information I needed to have with me before I came over to Knight and did orientation. When I had everything all set up, they said OK, come in this Monday.

    - David Miller, Reefer Driver (Squire)

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