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Training Doesn't Stop After CDL School

Following completion of trucking school, new drivers begin over-the-road (OTR) training with a qualified mentor in their region, followed by a road test and solo driving, before they can graduate training and become a Knight Driving Associate.

While training with Knight Transportation, you will get real-world driving experience and learn critical skills needed for your truck driving career  — all while earning an income. Training is performance based and lasts about four to six weeks.

Hit the Open Road With Knight

Career Growth

Learn Critical Skills

Competitive Pay

Real-World Experience

Work/Family Balance

OTR Training Timeline

Choose to Work with Knight & Complete Application

Prospective drivers can be pre-qualified on our Knight website.

Get Started

Get Hired

Students must attend Driver Qualification Process (DQP), and pass a physical and drug test before being hired. Prior to this, you will also discuss with your recruiter what over the road training you must complete.

This process may take up to one week.

Get Seated with a Mentor & Hit the Road

Drivers go on the road with a Knight mentor and get real-world experience. Additionally, drivers turn in to their recruiter how much they owe for CDL school. A portion of what the driver owes will be reimbursed, dependent on their progress with Knight.

Up to 6 weeks long.

Get Your Own Truck

After completing your OTR miles with a mentor, you will begin driving solo. 

Up to 6 weeks long.

30k Miles

Once you drive 30k solo miles you are able to bring a pet/rider.  

15 weeks long.

Become a Mentor!

Drivers who complete 90k miles are eligible to become mentor or continue OTR driving. Click Here to apply to become a mentor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Knight Driver OTR Training.

Call us at 1-888-4KNIGHT.

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