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Refer a Driver

Referring a driver to us? Submit your info here.

Receive a $1500 bonus for experienced drivers and a $1000 bonus for experienced rehires (1 referral bonus only and must be gone for at least 6 months). Terms and conditions apply.

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Terms and Conditions

Only current Knight Transportation Driving Associates are eligible to receive bonus. Owner Operators are not eligible for company driver referral bonuses. The referred driver must have a start date later than the referring Driving Associate. Both the referred and referring Driver must be active Knight employees at the time of payout. Driving Associates will not receive a referral bonus for a rehired driver they previously successfully referred. Bonus is unavailable if the referred driver was employed by Knight in the 6 months prior to referral. Referrals are subject to verification from the referred driver. Referred Experienced Driver must have at least six months of verifiable Class A driving experience. Knight reserves the right to modify or cancel the referral program at any time with notice under applicable law.

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