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Meet our Million Mile Truck Drivers

At Knight Transportation, we appreciate our truck drivers. We are honored to have hundreds of truck drivers who have driven over one million safe miles! Route To A Million Miles is a reward system that is designed to celebrate a driving associate's milestones with the company. With each milestone reached, a driver can be rewarded with company swag as they work their way up to the Million Mile Club where they are rewarded with the opportunity to choose a brand new truck in the color of their choice from one of our current brands of trucks.

Multi-Million Mile Club Logo

4 Million Miles

4 million mile picture

Over the years the support and respect that I have received here at Knight I have only read about, or seen in movies. It has been very humbling to be the recipient of this kind of honor. Yeah, Yeah, I'm supposed to be the big tough truck driver....but at some point the this kind of stuff touches your heart no matter who you are.
It has always been family here for me. At our customers and truck stops, in the yards scattered across the country, I know every drivers name when I meet them, "hey Knight how ya doin" and they always respond in kind and with a smile! To each of you, a sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU!!!

- Joseph Philpott

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3 Million Miles


BIlly G.

Leland and Sandra Buckles

Leland and Sandra B.

Pita Mapa (2)

Pita M.

Fred Gilbert 2.8 Million Miles 5

Fred G.

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2 Million Miles

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1 Million Miles

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