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Why is Truck Driving An Essential Service?

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The COVID-19 pandemic moved the Federal Government to divide jobs into two categories, essential and nonessential. Typical jobs like doctors, nurses, police officers, and firefighters will always play important roles during a pandemic. Not so apparent industries are equally important for keeping the country moving. The transportation industry moves important products for first responders or the general public. Trucking is an essential service because it supports nearly all necessary sectors through the delivery of:

●      Groceries: Fruits and vegetables, milk, eggs, etc.

●      Cleaning Supplies: Soap, disinfectants, tissues, toilet paper, etc.

●      Medical Supplies and Medicines: Prescription medicine, medical devices, etc.

●      Electronics: Computers, TVs, smartphones, etc.

●      Construction Material: Steel, wood, concrete, building supplies, etc.

●      Fuel: Gasoline, Diesel fuel, Natural Gas, etc.

Trucking and Transportation are the Essential Services

Trucking and the transportation of goods are necessary for shipping containers at ports around the country to your local store. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the agency tasked with defining essential jobs, described truckers as “critical infrastructure workers.”

“Functioning critical infrastructure is imperative during the response to the COVID-19 emergency for both public health and safety, as well as community well-being. Certain critical infrastructure industries have a special responsibility in these times to continue operations.”

Essential Services Regulation Changes

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has reduced regulations for commercial truck drivers. Truckers can drive for more extended hours when moving essential goods like fuel, groceries, medical supplies. In a time when other industries are reducing hours, laying employees off, furloughing staff, truck driving jobs are rising in demand.

Truck Drivers are Essential Workers

America’s infrastructure is held up by truck drivers. The country needs the transportation industry to remain robust and active to maintain the basic needs of citizens. Truckers are hauling products to hospitals, grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, and construction sites twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Now, more than ever, truck drivers are getting the recognition and praise they have always deserved.

Become a Truck Driver and Become Essential

The spotlight on truckers will probably dim a bit as the COVID-19 pandemic passes, and our world returns to “normal.” However, the vital and essential worker role trucker drivers play in our world will remain as strong as ever. Now is a perfect time to enter the trucking industry, as history has shown us, truckers are always in demand. If you have thought about a career in the transportation industry, Knight Transportation has programs for obtaining a CDL license. If you have at least a year of OTR experience, consider driving for Knight Transportation. Our pay, benefits, and bonuses are what makes Knight stand out in the trucking industry.

Check out some of our most recent job listings, then call us to learn about all of your options or apply now. Contact us at (800) 992-5785 to learn more.

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