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Knight Transportation truck driver trainer Anthony Evans

Due to the independent nature of the trucking industry, along with its tranquility and solitude, many drivers are drawn to this profession. Therefore, a common need within the industry is well-trained and experienced drivers who are willing to train the next generation of drivers as professional truck driver trainers. The following are some characteristics that…

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How to Go From Rookie Truck Driver to Veteran Trucker

Truck driving is a rewarding career choice. Making the transition from rookie truck driver to veteran trucker will go smoother when you embrace all the aspects of life on the road. Take your time as a rookie truck driver seriously, and before you know it, you may find yourself ready to provide wisdom to the next generation of truckers.

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How Much Does It Cost To get A CDL

Truck driving is an adventurous, fun career choice. Unfortunately, it takes more than a desire to get behind the wheel of a big rig. You need to meet the qualifications to be a truck driver. This requires you to get a CDL license along with other training. There is a fee involved in obtaining your…

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Top 7 Tips When Choosing A Truck Driving School

After making the choice to become a truck driver, your next big decision is where to go to truck driving school. After all, this one decision will directly affect your success within the field for years to come so it should be one you consider thoroughly. The following are seven tips to keep in mind…

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Top Arizona Truck Driving Schools

A truck driving career is a great way to see the country and make money at the same time. It is also a career choice that is growing by leaps and bounds, especially in the Southwest. You may be surprised to know there are top truck driving schools in Arizona. For example, the Bureau of…

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Knight Transportation truck -Become a truck driver

Many people consider a career as a truck driver for a variety of reasons. The freedom of the open road, not having a boss supervise their every move and, of course, it pays well. Rookie drivers are earning more than $40,000 and those veteran team outfits are pulling down more than $90,000. Consider that trucking…

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