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Truck with Gifts. Best Gifts for Truckers

Any day is a good day to get the trucker in your life a gift. It doesn’t have to a special occasion like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day or Mother’s, or a birthday either. Because life on the road tends to wear down supplies and accessories faster than most travelers, your favorite essential worker out…

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18 Wheel Truck on the road during the day. Front View

Whether over the road trucking (OTR trucking) or long-haul trucking is a way of life, or a job is up to each truck driver. For many, the trucker lifestyle is a calling, and the road “calls your name.” Truck driving is finally receiving national recognition as an essential service, and truck drivers are known as…

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Knight Transportation: Wives of Truckers

The life of a professional trucker is one of adventure, fulfillment, and accomplishment. Being a trucker’s wife can be just as fulfilling if the role is approached properly. A trucker’s family can either embrace or fight against the responsibilities that accompany such an occupation. We advise of wives truckers to welcome your husband’s chosen profession…

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Knight Transportation Pet Policy

Long-haul or over-the-road trucking can be a lonely profession. There are many hours spent on the roads, without the companionship available in other career fields. Thankfully, though, many trucking companies, including Knight Transportation, do have an allowance for pets, giving drivers much-needed companionship while on the road. Below is more information on our specific pet…

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Women Truck Drivers Growing

The trucking industry has historically been comprised of over the road truck drivers who are men. However, times are changing and trucking jobs for women are on the rise. As a woman considering a job as a trucker now is the prime time for you to get behind the wheel. The industry needs more qualified…

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