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Essential Items for a Truck Driver Supply Kit

As a professional truck driver out on the open road, there are times when you might face unexpected delays. One of the most common situations is being stalled due to inclement weather or road closure. Thankfully, you can be prepared ahead of time for any situation you might face by putting together a well-constructed driver…

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Tips for Backing Up a Semi-Truck Trailer

Knight Transportation semi- trucks

One of the most challenging elements of truck driving is learning to successfully maneuver a trailer and be able to back up without great difficulty. Be patient with yourself if you can relate to this issue, as this can be difficult for both veterans and novice drivers. Thankfully, there are some tried-and-true tips you can…

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Driving a Semi in Windy Conditions

Semi-truck driving down the highway

Driving a semi-truck can be challenging enough without the added difficulties caused by high winds. In fact, driving a semi in high winds can be just as dangerous for large trucks driving in icy or snowy conditions. Dangers of Driving a Semi in High Winds Large, bulky vehicles like semis, are more sensitive to crosswinds…

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How to Put Snow Chains on Semi-Truck Tires

snow chains on semi truck tires

Winter weather and slick, snowy surfaces don’t exactly mesh well with big-rig trucks. Thankfully, as a driver, you can install snow chains on your tires to give you much-needed stability and grip on slick roads. Read on for more information: Step-by-Step Guide to Putting Snow Chains on Semi Tires Of course, every truck is slightly…

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What To Do If You Start Having Truck Brake Issues

How To Improve Truck Fuel Efficiency

Semi-trucks weigh somewhere between 35,000 and 80,000 pounds. That is a lot of weight to stop once it gets going, which is what makes the braking system so vital on a semi. Having a damaged, improperly functioning or worn-out brake system is a danger to all those on the roadways. Therefore, it’s important for drivers…

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What Safe Driver Week 2021 Means for Truckers

Safe Driver Week 2021 - Safety First Road Sign

Safety is a trucking company’s and its driver’s highest priority. The goal is delivering goods on schedule with zero harm to truckers or the general public. Federal, state, and local laws combined with carrier safety guidelines are producing safer roadways. Truckers are proud of their safety records and want to keep them that way. Each…

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Truck Driver Working Conditions and Sustainability Initiatives


Knight Transportation prides itself on being a carrier, leading the industry to reduce its environmental footprint and improve drivers’ safety and working conditions. The following are excerpts from the Knight-Swift Sustainability Report 2020 demonstrating our environmental and workforce commitments. Sustainability Initiative & Zero-Emissions Vehicle We plan to continue our strategy of investing capital in new equipment…

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Why is Truck Driving An Essential Service?

Driver standing in the door of his truck showing Knight Transportation logo

The COVID-19 pandemic moved the Federal Government to divide jobs into two categories, essential and nonessential. Typical jobs like doctors, nurses, police officers, and firefighters will always play important roles during a pandemic. Not so apparent industries are equally important for keeping the country moving. The transportation industry moves important products for first responders or…

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Top 9 COVID-19 Safety Tips for Knight Drivers

Drive standing in front of a Knight Transportation truck, #staysafe showing, Top 10 COVID-19 Safety Tips post cover image

Your health and safety as one of our drivers of the communities we serve are of utmost importance. Please adhere to following COVID-19 Safety Tips for Knight Drivers, resources, and links to help you stay safe while keeping the country running. 1.) Wash & Disinfect Regularly One of the best ways to protect yourself against…

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