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Truck Driving Opportunities for Military Veterans

Knight Transportation Fleet of Heroes, Truck Driving Opportunities for Military Veterans

Knight Transportation acknowledges and appreciates our U.S. Military service members’ sacrifices to protect our freedom and families. Finding employment while serving and after serving in the armed forces can be challenging. We seek to provide Veterans and active military service members a transportation career offering flexible schedules and consistent income. Many Veterans start a trucking…

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Demand For Women Truck Drivers Growing

Demand for women in trucking - Female truck drivers at Knight Transpotation

Over-the-road truck drivers are still mostly comprised of men. However, times are changing, and truck driving jobs for women are on the rise. As the demand for truck drivers increases, the industry is committed to having women to fill hiring needs. According to the American Trucking Association (ATA), 6% of truck drivers are women. At…

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6 Advantages of Being a Flatbed Truck Driver

Knight Transportation flatbed tractor trailer

The demand for truck drivers in the U.S. remains high. According to the American Trucking Association, the driver shortage will hit 100,000 by 2025 and 160,000 by 2028. As the country starts to get back to “normal”, flatbed load volumes continue to build as construction activity and manufacturing begin to pick up. The news of…

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4 Reasons the Trucking Industry is Heating Up

Trucking Industry Heating up

Many believe the trucking industry is in for huge growth through the end of the year. As America moves into a new phase with COVID-19, the feeling is consumers are ready to spend money again. A second round of stimulus checks, available vaccines, and summer headed our way, it’s very possible there will be even…

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5 Advantages of Being a Refrigerated Truck Driver

Knight Transportation Refrigerated Truck (1)

2020 has delivered a new world in the trucking industry. Not only has it re-established who essential workers are, but the year has also confirmed the value of refrigerated truck drivers. Despite lockdowns, shutdowns, and other restrictions, millions of refrigerated products must reach store shelves. With the demand for food, medicine, and other frozen or…

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10 Reasons to Become an Owner Operator at Knight Transportation

Owner Operator Truck Driver standing in front of a Knight Transportation truck

The trucking industry is one of the most challenging sectors in the nation during normal times, without the current events that have tested the world’s resilience.  As Drivers and Owner Operators you spend much of your lives living in the truck, away from your families, home and pets; Isolated, even when it wasn’t a “big…

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How to Go From Rookie Truck Driver to Experienced Trucker

How to Go From Rookie Truck Driver to Veteran Trucker

Truck driving is a rewarding career choice. Making the transition from rookie truck driver to veteran trucker will go smoother when you embrace all the aspects of life on the road. Take your time as a rookie truck driver seriously, and before you know it, you may find yourself ready to provide wisdom to the next generation of truckers.

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Virtual Truck Driver Orientations: Drive and Earn Faster

Truck driver at computer for Knight Transportation Virtual Orientation

Orientations for truck drivers have always been necessary for carriers and mostly a burden for truckers. Experienced drivers prefer to start putting miles under them faster, and carriers generally need experienced drivers on the road more quickly too. There must be a better way. Knight Transportation believes there is and has begun Virtual Truck Driver…

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Outlook And Trends For Experienced Truck Drivers

Two experienced truck drivers in front of a knight transportation truck

A career within the trucking industry provides both a steady income and an adventurous way to see America. Professional truck drivers make on average $43,680 yearly and around $21.00 per hour, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Some drivers will make much more than this. In fact, the more experience a driver has,…

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