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Why Driving for Knight Transportation is a Great Career for Veterans

Knight Transportation military veterans

When our men and women in military service end their active duty status and return to civilian life, they can face many challenges related to integrating back into society. Thankfully, according to an interview with David Valdivia, who himself is a veteran and who now works to help veterans transition from active duty into the transportation industry as a driving recruiter, “the camaraderie at Knight Transportation, and the way that is set up in terms of structure is very similar to the military, which is often comforting for those who are just coming out of active service.

Read on to learn more about what makes Knight Transportation a great next step for veterans after their military service:

Why Driving For Knight Transportation is a Great Career For Veterans


As mentioned above a bit in relation to David’s comments, Knight Transportation presents a similar camaraderie between drivers as does the military. This gives comfort to veterans, knowing they are around like-minded individuals. There is also an additional Knight military fraternity that provides a sense of pride and responsibility which is also comforting.

Knight’s Structure

The way that Knight Transportation is structured is very similar to the military. Drivers rely on each other, and Knight provides support from other departments, like recruiters, mechanics, and dispatchers, that help drivers get their job done right. In other words, no driver is on their own just like no soldier is on their own. They all depend on each other to succeed.

The Apprenticeship Program

Thankfully, Knight allows veterans who are just coming out of active duty to use the GI Bill for their training, through their veteran apprenticeship program. This means that working with Knight Transportation after military service can also be financially advantageous.

Common Challenges Associated With Veterans Coming out of the Service

Unfortunately, fitting back into society after military service can be challenging for a variety of reasons. Military personnel are task-oriented. This means that those who serve in the military are used to dealing with these types of personalities. Civilians aren’t nearly as task-oriented. Therefore, this situation and sometimes the longer wait times between assigned tasks can be a challenge for drivers making the transition between military service and civilian life.

How Knight Handles The Challenges

Thankfully, Knight Transportation understands the challenges that exist for those who have served in the military, and they offer trained recruiters who can help them through the process. They also offer terminal training to help veterans. Therefore, most terminals have former military personnel, which is another benefit. The typical advice given to these new drivers is to be patient throughout the process and to be prepared. This means they should know what is needed to become a successful driver and have a plan to meet those goals.

How Knight Differs From Other Trucking Companies Relating to Military Veterans

Knight Transportation is committed to creating a standard within the industry as it relates to assisting veteran drivers. Drivers and recruiters at Knight Transportation have a tight bond. A driver is more than just an employee, they become family. Finally, Knight Transportation gives those who have served in the military their due recognition. They have given a huge part of their lives to their country, and that should be applauded and respected!

Why Become a Knight Transportation Driver?

There are many reasons to consider starting your career as a driver with Knight Transportation, especially if you have served in the military. The following are some of the many reasons to consider:

  • Routes: Knight Transportation offers OTR, dedicated, regional, and local routes for a wide range of driver preferences.
  • Types of Freight: Drivers at Knight can also choose from several types of freight, including flatbed, reefer, ports, and dry van.

This Could be Your Best Next Step

If you have served in the military and are now looking for your next step to start your career within the civilian world, consider all the advantages listed above associated with becoming a driver with Knight Transportation.

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