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Why Investing in Autonomous Vehicle Technology is the Future of the Trucking Industry

Fleet of Knight Transportation trucks

As the trucking industry continues to evolve, there’s one question that keeps coming up: why are companies investing in technologies like autonomous vehicles if it means they could eventually replace human drivers? While it’s understandable to be concerned about job security, it’s important to recognize that autonomous vehicles aren’t meant to replace humans, but rather to enhance safety and efficiency on the road. Just as airplanes do not fly on autopilot without a pilot in the cockpit, tractors with autonomous technology are not operating without a driver in the cab.

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Knight-Swift, a trucking company with over 20,000 trucks in its fleet, has been investing heavily in autonomous vehicle technology. But according to their CEO, Dave Jackson, this investment doesn’t mean they’re abandoning their core business of employing and supporting truck drivers. In fact, Dave Jackson believes that their success in recruiting, training, and employing truck drivers is their competitive advantage.

So, why invest in autonomous vehicle technology, then?

Jackson explains that safety is a top priority for Knight-Swift, and that’s where autonomous vehicles come in. With technology that can detect and analyze objects up to 300 yards ahead, autonomous vehicles have the potential to greatly reduce preventable accidents on the road. This means not only safer roads for everyone, but also improved working conditions for truck drivers.

Knight-Swift has partnered with Embark, a company that specializes in autonomous vehicle technology, to test and improve their technology on the road. While Knight-Swift isn’t testing fully autonomous vehicles that don’t require a human driver, they are testing components of the technology to better understand its capabilities and potential impact on safety and efficiency.

It’s important to note that investing in autonomous vehicle technology doesn’t mean replacing human drivers. Instead, it’s about finding ways to use technology to enhance safety and efficiency on the road. As Jackson notes, autonomous vehicle technology has the potential to greatly improve working conditions for truck drivers, and that’s a win for everyone.

In conclusion, the trucking industry is changing, but that doesn’t mean human drivers will become obsolete. Autonomous vehicle technology has the potential to greatly enhance safety and efficiency on the road, which benefits everyone involved. Knight-Swift’s investment in this technology is a smart move that recognizes the importance of innovation in a constantly evolving industry.

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