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10 Reasons to Become an Owner Operator at Knight Transportation

Owner Operator Truck Driver standing in front of a Knight Transportation truck

The trucking industry is one of the most challenging sectors in the nation during normal times, without the current events that have tested the world’s resilience.  As Drivers and Owner Operators you spend much of your lives living in the truck, away from your families, home and pets; Isolated, even when it wasn’t a “big brother” requirement.  We hope you know; you are not on the road alone. You have a family of peers in the truck cab next door and technology to help you stay connected to a plethora of information as well as to friends and family.  This tech can help you build a business by sharing and learning within and about the ever-changing transportation industry.  The Knight family is here wanting to help in your success as well.

We have always been family centric, which is why we were one of the first in the industry to be regional nationwide. What does this mean, you ask? 

Well, Knight entered their endeavor 30 years ago knowing that a goal for drivers to be able to have work life balance (stop laughing!) could happen. And that is how the multiple terminal – regional dispatch, that is still our structure, came to be. Each of the 26 terminals have a Terminal Manager, Safety Manger and Driver Managers/dispatchers, instead of one centralized terminal for the whole country.

Our Owner operators are no different… You have the flexibility to run where you want, when you want. You have a single Driver Manager to develop a working relationship and get you miles.  

As you can see, we do things a little different at Knight, including our Owner Op program.  Tell me more, you say? Sure…

Reason 1: Knight will go above and beyond to assist you when it comes to facing unexpected costly repairs.

Keep rolling!

  • Per day rental fees during short term repairs
  • Less downtime
  • Dedicated Owner Operator Team to assist in business management & repairs

Reason 2:  Because of our safety standards we offer industry-leading insurance rates.

Discounted Rates!

  • Physical Damage Insurance – 4.0% of truck value (billed weekly)
  • Bobtail Insurance – $6.92 per week
  • Occupational Accident Insurance – $34.62 per week
  • We provide Cargo and Liability Insurance coverage

Reason 3: Our nationwide Maintenance Network helps eliminate unnecessary downtime and retail costs.

Take advantage of our buying power!

  • 17 Nationwide shop locations
  • Maintenance escrow available
  • Access to our parts and tire discounts
  • Maintenance & Repair labor rate- $67/hour nationwide!
  • 24/7 Breakdown support

Reason 4: A vast fuel network including fuel pumps at thirteen Knight locations.

Save with our fuel card!

  • Save .5 cents off the pump price at our network locations
  • Qualify for an additional .5 cent monthly fuel rebate
  • Fuel Protection Program

Reason 5: Unlimited use of PrePass for one low fee.

Save money with our Elite Pass!

  • Elite model (Scales AND Tolls)
  • Unlimited for $3.50/ week

“Knight Transportation is easy with getting loads, to make sure I’m home when I need to. They have really done me well in the years I’ve been here.”

– Nate, Knight Transportation Owner Operator for 8 years

Reason 6: We offer affordable insurance for health and retirement.

Optional 3rd party coverage!

  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Family Packages Available
  • 401k
  • Convenient weekly settlement deduction

Reason 7: In-house Business Advisors

Our Owner Operator Business Advisors are here to assist in the success of your business.

  • Guidance on running efficiently
  • Settlement review
  • Fuel economy support

Reason 8: Even in the most challenging of times we have been able to keep our drivers rolling!

Get consistent miles with a secure carrier!

  • Reliable home time
  • Single Source Dispatch
  • 25 driver lounge locations nationwide with free laundry

“Freedom that you have…you get to basically go where you want (and) pick the loads you want.”

– Steve, Knight Transportation Owner Operator for 17 years

Reason 9: Once you find that trailer, we won’t charge you!

Leave it to us!

  • No fees for the use of trailers or any equipment
  • Lumpers paid in full

Reason 10: We partner with American Truck Business Services (ATBS).

Let the experts help you manage your business on the road to success!

  • Bookkeeping, Tax consulting as well as State and Federal Tax Return assistance
  • Convenient settlement deduction @ $19.20 a week


We’re working on revamping many of our Knight locations, including new driver lounges, gyms, BBQ, and pet-friendly areas. We can’t wait to share it with you!

Interested in learning more reasons to contract with Knight Transportation?, call (602) 239-4711 or visit our owner operator page!


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