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Virtual Truck Driver Orientations: Drive and Earn Faster

Truck driver at computer for Knight Transportation Virtual Orientation

Orientations for truck drivers have always been necessary for carriers and mostly a burden for truckers. Experienced drivers prefer to start putting miles under them faster, and carriers generally need experienced drivers on the road more quickly too. There must be a better way. Knight Transportation believes there is and has begun Virtual Truck Driver Orientations.

Virtual truck driver orientations have been in the works at Knight Transportation for some time. The sudden shift in the way the world works with COVID-19 and social distancing accelerated the timeline. Now, Virtual truck driver orientations are here and available to nearly all newly hired drivers.

What Type of Trucker is a Good Fit for Virtual Driver Orientations?

Just about all driver positions are qualified for virtual driver orientations. Rehires, Veteran drivers, experienced drivers, newly held CDL drivers receive an invitation. The best personality traits for online learning fit many of the characteristics that make up successful truck drivers.

Working Alone

It should come to no surprise working alone is essential. As a truck driver, we assume you thrive on working alone for long periods and are self-reliant. These skills will do you well when completing the online portions of your orientation.


Organization skills are another significant element of being a trucker. Planning routes and keeping a tight schedule means you have exceptional organizational skills. You will need to stay on top of the orientation workflow if you want the process to move quickly and efficiently.


Finding the inner strength to keep going and complete the haul will help you during your virtual orientation. If you are waiting for others to push, remind, or hound you to complete the steps, getting back on the road will take much longer.


If you are someone who finishes what they start, then a virtual truck driver orientation is for you. A commitment to completing the necessary steps within your control helps ensure you will be earning quickly.

Sense of Urgency

Using your commitment to follow through as your motivation, a desire to complete your online steps as soon as possible will get you hauling faster. If your internal clock is always ticking to cross off a task on your list of things to do, then you are a good fit for truck driver orientations

Follow Through

A strong desire to make a commitment to others and follow through on that promise will show your trainer you are serious about getting on the road fast. Starting your employment by demonstrating the ability to see your training all the way to end get noticed.

“Being able to do my orientation online allowed me to have more home time with my family and gave me the flexibility to finish the online orientation classes at my own pace.”

Michael A., Knight Transportation Driver

Benefits of Completing Truck Driver Virtual Orientations

Starting and Finishing on Your Time

You get to take back control of your orientation schedule and complete sections on your schedule, not the trainer’s schedule. No classrooms, no orientation schedule, and no distractions.

Eliminates Safety Concerns

Hand sanitizing, hand washing, masks, and social distancing is not needed to complete your orientation. Completing your orientation online means you and your family are safer.

More Home Time

Because travel is minimized, you can stay home with your family for more days. No trips to terminals or hotels, no hotel food, and no alone time. Enjoy some extra time with your family.

How Much of My Truck Driver Orientation is Virtual?

Approximately 50% of the entire hiring process is online. Two of four steps fall under our virtual truck driver orientation:

General Knowledge Test

Your score on this test will determine the number of online courses you will need to complete so that it will be vital for you to give it your full attention.

Virtual Onboarding Process

Before Covid-19, the Knight Transportation driver onboarding process consisted of an on-site 3-day qualification process, focused on helping candidates internalize Knight’s intense focus on safety and building relationships.

After Covid-19 dictated extreme measures in ‘social distancing’, Knight adapted quickly to stay in compliance with local guidelines in or to minimize exposure, yet still accomplish an essential ‘hands-on’ training for certain technologies and processes unique to Knight.

The new Virtual Driver Qualification Process now consists of

  • Drug screen and physical on your own
  • One day online learning modules (phone, tablet, or PC)
  • One exciting day at the terminal location nearest you

The new shortened schedule gives each candidate a chance to assimilate instruction at their own pace, and then come into our terminal already prepared for the next step.

“Turning the majority of our Driver Qualification Process (DQP) to virtual orientations is an excellent example of how Knight strives to have the best hiring process in the industry. Cutting down the DQP time from 3 days to 1, helps keep driver and trainers safe, limits time away from home, and increases confidence that drivers are ready for their first day at the terminal.”

Scott C., Knight Transportation VP of Recruiting

What are the Steps Before Driving for Knight Transportation?

  • Physical & Drug Screening
  • Driver’s Test & Virtual Smith System Training
  • Knight Transportation Culture and Expectations Review


We know drivers are our number one asset at Knight Transportation. Creating an online orientation is one way to ensure we show our commitment to outstanding driver experience. Our Truck Driver Virtual Orientation is flexible, simple to follow, and streamlined for drivers and trainers to complete quickly. Feedback is positive, and most of our drivers seem to love it.

Thinking about driving for Knight Transportation? Search available positions or apply now.   


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