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Using Refrigerated Freight Trucks in Freezing Temperatures

Freezing temperatures bring about unique challenges within the truck driving industry. Dangerous road conditions, unexpected weather that causes delays and even frozen freight can all be a result of hauling freight in freezing temperatures. Thankfully, by hauling refrigerated freight trucks, you can negate many of these problems and ensure you get your freight delivered in good condition.

Advantages of Utilizing Refrigerated Freight Trucks

There are many advantages to using refrigerated freight trucks, especially during the winter time when frigid temperatures and unexpected weather events can easily ruin your freight, by allowing them to freeze or ruin. The following are some of the most notable reasons to consider using refrigerated freight trucks the next time you haul applicable goods:

  • Keeps consistent temperatures. No matter what is going on outside, the inside of your freight trailer and therefore the area around your goods will remain at a steady temperature, regulating your freight.
  • Keep perishable goods fresh. If you do find yourself stuck for some time waiting for the roads to clear due to a weather event like snow and ice, perishable goods can be ruined by becoming too cold and freezing. Thankfully, with a refrigerated freight truck, you keep your perishable goods in good condition, no matter what delays you might face.
  • Safe, convenient shipping method. When you are hauling products and goods that demand a steady temperature and a consistent environment, using a refrigerated freight truck is a safe and convenient shipping method.

How Does Refrigerated Trucking Work?

Refrigerated trailers are essentially like moving fridges or huge walk-in coolers. They are set to a specific temperature and then that preferred temperature is maintained throughout the whole trip. Although one might assume it’s only for keeping goods cool with the name refrigerated, it can also ensure goods don’t get too cold when outside temperatures are freezing. It is basically a way to regulate the temperature for any goods during transportation, whether that be cold but not freezing or simply a set warmer temperature that is best for the product.

Common Goods That Require Protect-From-Freeze Transportation

Although many people will automatically think of grocery-type items like frozen goods as being prime examples of goods that require refrigeration and require freeze protection during transport, they are far from alone. In fact, the industry contains many types of products that benefit from or require freeze protection when being transported. For example, consider the following items that are good candidates for this type of shipping:

  • Grocery Items: Obviously, as mentioned above, milk, frozen meat, etc. need to be kept at a certain temperature during transport.
  • Liquids: Certain types of liquids need to be transported at a controlled temperature to travel safely.
  • Paint: This is one you might not think of, but it’s important to not allow paint to freeze and when it’s in a regular freight trailer and the temperature is freezing outside, this can become an issue.
  • Cleaning Products: This is another example of a product that you do not want to get too hot or too cold.
  • Batteries: This type of good needs the protection of a refrigerated truck to safely transport.
  • Electronics: Again, a regular temperature should be maintained to keep electronics in good working order.
  • Pharmaceuticals: There are many medications, like insulin for diabetics, that have to be kept at a certain temperature, not too hot or too cold. Therefore, specific types of pharmaceuticals benefit from refrigerated transportation.

Refrigerated Trucking Opportunities at Knight Transportation

Getting training to become a reefer trucking driver or a truck driver with classifications for driving refrigerated trailers or refrigerated freight is a wise way to advance your career. At Knight Transportation, we understand the need to further your training and open additional doors throughout your career within the industry. Contact us today to learn more.

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