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How Much Does it Cost to Get a CDL?

How Much Does It Cost To get A CDL

Truck driving is an adventurous, fun career choice. Unfortunately, it takes more than a desire to get behind the wheel of a big rig. You need to meet the qualifications to be a truck driver. This requires you to get a CDL license along with other training. There is a fee involved in obtaining your CDL. The following is more information on the subject brought to you by Knight Transportation:

What Factors Affect CDL Licensing Costs?

The cost or fee associated with getting your CDL license depends on the following factors:

  • What state you are getting your CDL in.
  • The type of CDL you are getting.
  • If you are applying for endorsements.
  • Your age, though this doesn’t apply in all states).

It’s worth noting that getting a CDL license without first going through some driving training is basically pointless. Due to various insurance requirements, most trucking companies will not hire a driver, even if they have a CDL license if they have not gone through and graduated from driving training.

What is Driver Training or CDL School?

Driving school is basically the training and development an individual needs to learn how to safely and properly operate a big rig and pass CDL testing. At driving schools like the program at Knights Transportation, students are paired with trainers who give them a valuable hands-on learning experience.

What Steps Are Required Before Attending Driving School?

All students will be required to pass background checks, including both driving and criminal records. They also must be able to pass drug screens and provide previous employment verifications.

What Knight Transportation Driving CDL School Includes

The benefits of choosing Knight Transportation for driving training and qualifications are many. A few of these are listed below:

  • Small Classes, usually of no more than 15 students per class per week. This small class size is helpful because it allows each student ample time to learn and practice skills needed to pass their test and obtain their CDL.
  • Only two to three weeks long.
  • Knight Transportation also provides you the tools and knowledge necessary to pass your CDL exam and get your license.

The CDL Timeline at Knight Transportation

The driving school at Knight Transportation follows a specific timeline designed to train drivers well but in a timely manner. The following is an outline of what you can expect if you go through this course:

  • Prequalify For CDL School: Complete application at Knight CDL school.
  • Pass Permit Test: Knight’s CDL school will answer any and all questions you might have about your upcoming training. Note, the DMV in your state will require you to be medically qualified. You prove this by obtaining a DOT Physical from a doctor.
  • CDL School: You will begin to learn the ins-and-outs of truck driving through Knight Transportation. This aspect of training is usually around three weeks long. No payments are due while you remain enrolled in CDL school. CDL training is from Monday to Friday from 6 am to 4 pm.
  • Graduate, Get Hired: You will complete the hiring process as a student, which is called the Driver Qualification Process. You will then be required to pass a drug test and physical before you can be hired.
  • Hit The Road: Once you graduate CDL school and get hired, you move out of the classroom and onto the roadway, with a Knight Trainer by your side. This will provide you with valuable real-world experience. Prepare for this to take up to six weeks to complete.
  • Get Your Own Truck: Once you have completed your on-the-road miles with a trainer, it’s time to go solo. A $35 per week loan payment begins. This step can take up to six weeks.
  • Pay Increase: Once you hit 30k of solo miles, you get a pay increase. This usually takes around 15 weeks.
  • Become a Trainer: After completing 90K solo miles, you have two career choices. You either remain a solo driver or become a Knight trainer and impart your knowledge to new drivers.

Are There Any Additional Requirements Not Already Mentioned Needed to Begin CDL Training?

Before completing the full application, you must obtain a Class A learner’s permit from your home state. This is necessary before you start the Driver Qualification Processing at your home terminal.

Although CDL training does include a cost, it’s vital to obtain a good job as a truck driver. As mentioned above, companies simply can’t employ you as a driver without your having gone through this important training. Therefore, CDL and truck driving training is well worth the investment if you want to go into the trucking industry as a driver.


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