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Knight Transportation: Wives of Truckers

The life of a professional trucker is one of adventure, fulfillment, and accomplishment. Being a trucker’s wife can be just as fulfilling if the role is approached properly. A trucker’s family can either embrace or fight against the responsibilities that accompany such an occupation. We advise of wives truckers to welcome their husband’s chosen profession and positively consider the benefits of being a trucker’s wife. Regard being a trucker’s wife a privilege and enjoy his chosen profession by following the tips listed below:

Five Tips on How to Make the Most of Being a Trucker’s Wife

1.) Keep in Touch

Today, there are many methods truckers’ wives can employ to stay in touch with their husbands. The miles in between them and their loved one grows small when they utilize the available technology, like Skype or Facetime. If a trucker’s schedule doesn’t mesh well with that of his family or wife, text messages can be used instead.

The point being, make staying in touch via some sort of communication a priority during the absence of a long-haul trip. This effort in communication will go a long way in keeping the relationship healthy and ensuring a trucker is apprised of all the events affecting the family during their absence.

Wives of truckers can share personal information about their own jobs or the issues affecting their children, either good or bad. In essence, technology today allows families to remain connected, even when families are hundreds or even thousands of miles apart. 

2.) Ensure You Have Some Substitutes At The Ready

Wives with husbands who are often on the road for weeks at a time should have help at the ready. This could be help from family members, such as a mom or dad, siblings, or even family friends. Wives shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help when they find themselves in need of an extra set of hands or a car.

For example, the logistics of getting kids to and from sports, school activities and other responsibilities, all seemingly at the same time, can be daunting, even for a mom and dad team, so when one parent is hard at work, away from home, the remaining parent often needs to get some help from others to fulfill all the family needs. Wives of truckers can employ the use of a team carpool system for sports or ask their kid’s grandparents to lend a hand if they are nearby. It’s important for wives to realize that asking for help isn’t wrong or a sign of weakness.

Remember, even when a mom and dad are both available, it can be an arduous task to juggle the activities of a busy family. Therefore, plan ahead for long-haul trips and ask for help when necessary. There is no shame in doing this.

3.) Learn The Lingo And The Responsibilities of The Profession

Another tip for wives of truckers is to educate themselves about the trucking industry. Wives can feel left out when their husbands talk about their job when the lingo and day-to-day responsibilities are foreign to them. The easiest way to remedy this issue is for a wife to ask her husband to explain what his day-to-day responsibilities entail and share the lingo. If possible (this isn’t always an available option) wives should go with their husbands on a run. This will show them the real-life way they accomplish their jobs and the responsibilities each run involves. Walking a mile in their husbands’ shoes will give wives of truckers a much better understanding of the stress levels and overall job experience of truckers when compared to simply asking them to explain it.

Of course, if a ride-along isn’t possible, a husband can still do his best to explain things to his wife, so she understands her husband’s responsibilities while on the job. This explanation will allow a wife to help carry the burden her husband experiences, emotionally if not otherwise, during his trips. This knowledge will also help her enjoy the stories he shares about his day or his trip overall even more.

4.) Take Advantage of The Available Time

In between long-haul trips, wives and husbands should spend as much quality time with each other as possible. The adage that says absence makes the heart grow fonder is exemplified by the relationship between a wife and her trucker husband. When a trucker is home and with his family, they should enjoy their time together. This can include taking family trips or just staying home and spending time together. Opt for spending quality over quantity time during the years when long-haul trips are frequent happenings.

Of course, all wives want to spend more time with their spouse than they are able. That’s true for virtually any occupation, though, not just truckers. Ideally, wives and their trucker husbands alike will make a special point to ensure time at home is extra special for the whole family. This time will sustain the relationship when truckers are away from home.

5.) Have an Independent Life

Wives should always have a life independent of their husbands and children. This is true regardless of their husband’s profession. Women should always invest in themselves in some form. This can mean getting involved in a community outreach program, their children’s schools, religious organization, their own profession, or volunteering. Wives of truckers shouldn’t spend their time counting the days until their husbands are back home when they are away. Sure, because they love them and value their involvement in their families, so they will miss their husbands.

However, women should always have their own interests that keep them occupied and fulfilled apart from their husbands and children. In this way, being trucker’s wives actually provides a measure of freedom to women not always enjoyed by wives of men who are consistently present. The absence of a husband can allow his wife to flourish when it comes to standing on her own two feet and investing herself in endeavors outside the family relationships.

Bottom Line of Wives of Truckers

The benefits of being a trucker far outweigh any hardships or challenges that come along with the profession. This is also true for a trucker’s family and wife. Thankfully, by embracing the tips listed above, wives of truckers are able to ensure their experience as a trucker’s wife is a positive one overall, and that her family embraces all the benefits of the profession. 

The financial security of the professional trucking industry is considered a blessing by many and wives of truckers should appreciate the stability this type of employment provides her family.

Knight Transportation is proud to partner with an abundance of trucking families and understands the importance of a wife’s role in her husband’s occupational satisfaction. Therefore, we encourage truckers’ wives to embrace the tips listed above and support their trucker husbands in all their endeavors, leading to a more positive experience for the entire family. Happy trucking!

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