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Nine Best Apps for Truck Drivers

Best Apps for Truck Drivers

By the amount of technology embraced by today’s truck drivers, life on the open road is anything but old school. Truck drivers are utilizing handy, helpful smartphone apps to aid them in accessing critical information and accomplishing essential tasks on long- haul trips. Here are the nine best apps for truck drivers for today’s modern trucker.

Weigh My Truck

The Weigh My Truck app allows drivers to weigh their truck and display truck weights right on a smartphone without having to leave the cabs. A copy of the information is available by email in a PDF file format to up to five email addresses. Drivers can pay for their weigh via their phone, saving them as much as one hour at a weigh station.

Cost: Free
Download: Apple and Android


iExit is known as the highway exit guide, and specifically designed for professional truck drivers. With the iExit app, drivers see helpful information about upcoming exits like which are the most truck friendly and which they should avoid. The app also features diesel prices, dealer locations, repair service centers, and more. All this information is easily accessible and helpfully organized by the exit so a driver can see the best option immediately. 

Cost: Free
Download: Apple and Android

Truck Stops & Travel Plazas

Holding the title of the longest-running app for truck drivers, Truck Stops & Travel Plazas, provides a welcome and needed service to professional drivers. Users accessing the app find out the location of upcoming truck stops with showers and laundry, or where to find the nearest TripPak or Subway, and more. Drivers can even access this valuable information when they are out of service range, making this app the #1 most complete resource for professional truck drivers. It is also 100% made in the USA and is ad-free, which only adds to its appeal. 

Cost: $9.99
Download: Apple


Drivewyze truckers to bypass weigh stations. The app detects the weigh station locations, and then the app sends a bypass request. Drivewyze then informs the driver if they can avoid the station or need to pull in when they are one mile away from the station. Subscription automatically renews every 30 days unless canceled. 

Cost: Free for 30 days, then $15.49/month
Download: Apple and Android

Trucker Path

Holding the title as the #1 truck navigation app, Trucker Path is trusted by millions of professional truck drivers. Trucker Path helps truckers by locating weigh stations, truck parking, CAT scales, features over 40,000 truck-related locations.

Cost: Free
Download: Apple and Android


Waze is the popular crowd-sourced traffic app used by millions of non-truck drives. The app allows drivers to update other drivers on traffic situations, the presence of police, road construction, road hazards, and more. Truck drivers like to tap into the near-real-time information for change routes to save valuable time. Waze not only comes with innovative GPS capabilities but also allows drivers to find the cheapest gas stations, gives estimated arrival times, helps find the fastest routes, and gives users the option of playing favorite music apps or podcasts. 

Cost: Free
Download: Apple and Android


Gas Buddy helps all drivers find the cheapest gas prices available based on their location. It includes the prices of over 150,000 gas stations over North America, covering every brand. Truck drivers also save up to 25cents a gallon from specific by using the app to pay. 

Cost: Free
Download: Apple and Android

MyFitnessPal: Cost: Free 

Although MyFitnessPal wasn’t designed exclusively for truckers, the #1 rated fitness app for four years straight helps drivers stay fit when on the road. The app enables drivers to make better food choices and encourages physical fitness through exercise logs and step trackers. MyFitnessPal includes a neat calorie count feature. Scan an item’s barcode, and the app provides total calories and adds it to a daily running total.

Cost: Free
Download: Apple and Android

Audible Audiobooks & Podcasts

Audible Audiobooks & Podcasts provide a way for truckers to pass the hours on long trips. Users can choose from a variety of binge-worthy audiobooks in all genres, imaginable, audible originals, and exclusive podcasts. Drivers can also build a personalized library and earn credit to go towards picking titles to keep. If a user doesn’t like their chosen audiobook, they can exchange it for another. 

Cost: Free for 30 days, then $7.95/month
Download: Apple and Android

Today’s truck drivers have hundreds of applications available to make any trip more enjoyable. Download any of our nine best apps for truck drivers and discover just how much smartphone technology can increase your over-the-road experience.

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