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Making Your Semi-Truck a Home Away from Home

Making Your Semi-Truck a Home Away from Home

The cab of a truck is more than just the space inside a vehicle for long-haul truckers. Long hours behind the wheel, and days far from your home, means that you may be spending more time in your truck than anywhere else. It is a home in a sense to a lot of truckers, so why not make it feel like home as well. Making it more comfortable and appealing can take some of the monotony out of long road trips, and if you are more comfortable you will be able to rest more efficiently. Take these simple steps for Making Your Semi-Truck a Home Away from Home:


A good place to start is with the seat and bed in your cab. Seat covers can make your seat more comfortable, and some covers now come with back or lumbar support of various kinds. A comfortable bed is also important. Things like curtains in addition to blocking light and sound go a long way in making your cab feel like the home it may become.


Beyond basic comfort, it is a good idea to pay attention to what will make you feel good and help you relax after a long day of driving. Getting an Internet Hotspot can allow you to have the Internet or Wifi at any time. There are several online networks out there that will allow you to watch TV. A DVD player is also an option, with a collection of movies or films. Audiobooks are another good option, or a Kindle reader, which keeps reading materials available without taking up much room.


Investing in a small microwave and refrigerator can also be a good idea. This will allow you to keep fresh and high-quality food available, so you don’t end up eating junk food at fast-food eateries. Eating snacks of fresh fruit, for instance, instead of a candy bar, can make a great health difference. If you have room, coffee or teapot can also help. You will save a lot of time and money brewing your own coffee instead of getting it by the cup at truck stops.


Having a small set of weights, as well as some jogging or walking shoes can help you stay healthy while on the road. Getting exercise is a key part of staying healthy. On the road, it is much harder to get exercise than when at home, so you will have to take initiative and plan ahead to make that happen. Having equipment on hand will make that easier.


The appearance of the inside of your cabin, especially where you relax, can have a great impact on your mental health and sense of well-being. If you are a sports fan, maybe have some posters or other materials related to your team of choice. Some decorations will make it a more relaxing place and feel more like home.

Going all-out

If you own your rig, there is no limit to what you can do. You could install some storage bins, or even cover the insides with paneling to make it look more like a home than the inside of a truck. Use your imagination to make it as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

For more tips for life on the road and making your Semi-Truck a home away from home, visit Trucker Health Blogs.


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