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Truck Driving Careers for People Over 50

Truck Driving Careers For People Over 50

Today, there are more and more people reaching retirement with little to no savings. Many of these retirees realize, after retiring or when contemplating it, that they need more income than social security provides in order to make ends meet. This has resulted in many retirees returning to the workforce shortly after saying goodbye to their career or starting new careers after leaving the workforce. Rising health care costs, cost of living increases and more has combined to create this phenomenon. Thankfully, there are truck driving careers for people over 50.

You Are Better Able to Handle Problematic Situations

Because you have lived life for longer, you have seen more. Not much will surprise you on the roadways. By contrast, young drivers are more apt to get rattled when things don’t go as expected on the road. For example, if weather conditions change and the roadway becomes slippery or there is a wreck of mechanical issues. You are also less likely to lose your cool when other drivers don’t respect your space.

There is No Age Cutoff

While many careers will have either a stated or preferred age cutoff, trucking doesn’t follow this pattern. You can become a truck driver, no matter your age, as long as you can safely operate a truck. That means your eyesight and reflexes are adequate for the job. Otherwise, there is no established cut off for this profession, making it a great choice for anyone over 50.

Gives You a Way to See The Country

Perhaps, your dreams after retirement included traveling the country and seeing all the beauty that it holds. Unfortunately, traveling can cost a great deal of money. Becoming a truck driver gives you the ability to drive all over the country and get paid to do it. Of course, to actually visit specific tourist spots or destinations, you will likely have to schedule your vacations around your routes, but it’s possible, and a great way to still bring in a paycheck yet be able to see America as well. Some say truck driving is similar to taking a long-distance RV trip, but you are making money along the way, instead of just spending money.

You Can Work Together

One of the negative elements of the trucking industry as a whole can be a lonely profession. However, there are many couples, aged 50 and over, who are choosing to enter a new career together, in the form of tandem or team truck driving. This is a great way to keep the freight moving, without having to stop for extended sleep breaks, leading to faster delivery times. In addition, retired couples are able to spend a great deal of time together and enjoy getting to see America, together, all while making some extra money. The caveat to this is when couples don’t get along. Keep in mind, if you get easily agitated with your spouse, you likely don’t want them to be your tandem driver. However, if you enjoy being with your spouse, and they don’t get on your nerves, working together as a driving team could be a fun adventure.

Truck Driving Careers for People Over 50 Give You a Fresh Start

Speaking of adventure, some people see their post-retirement career as a unique time to seek a fun career, significant change compared to your previous career or just to get a fresh start in this phase of your life. Perhaps, you used to work in an office, behind a computer, in a doctor’s office, in a place with very regimented guidelines and little to no freedom. Entering the trucking industry as a driver provides you a way to make a fresh start, get out of the rut you might be in, and have some fun. It can be seen as an adventurous move.

Provides an Alternative to an Extremely Physically Demanding

Truck driving does have some physical elements to be sure, and it does require you to be in at least decent physical condition. However, it isn’t nearly as physically demanding as some other career choices, like physical, labor-intensive jobs on construction sites or in factories. Therefore, if your body is starting to show some wear and tear, making your current job difficult, truck driving can be a good alternative.

Provides You Much Needed Benefits

When you leave your established career, perhaps one of the most significant losses is the loss of your benefits. Losing health insurance, life insurance, paid vacation and sick time can be a significant blow. This is especially true if you or your family members have significant medical needs. Thankfully, becoming a truck driver provides you these much-needed benefits even after leaving your lifelong career.

It’s Pretty Good Money, Especially For Empty Nesters

According to a Forbes article stating the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2016, the medium wage for tractor-trailer truck drivers was around $20 an hour, which translates to around $41,340 a year. Therefore, this bonus job after your career ends can be a profitable one. This is especially true if your kids are grown and you are just providing for yourself and your spouse. Trucking can provide the means to live a wonderful, rewarding life.

Anyone Can Do it

The trucking industry has welcomed drivers from all walks of life. There have been retired airline pilots or those who spent most of their lives cooped up in an office. There is no individual who cannot become a truck driver if they are willing to go through the education and licensing steps necessary to learn the trade.

It has a Great Future

The trucking industry is predicted to need an astounding 890,000 new drivers to meet demand by the year 2025. This shows a healthy outlook for the career choice, meaning you don’t have to worry about going through the training and having no work. There will be work for you. Of that, you can be certain.

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