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Truck Drivers’ Favorite Truck Stop/Truck Terminal Amenities

Iowa 80 truck stop – world’s largest truckstop

When it comes to life on the road as a truck driver, the amenities at a truck stop or truck terminal take on an elevated importance. After all, it is these locations that often give truck drivers their only taste of normalcy or allow them to take care of personal hygiene items. They are necessary to keep them going, making those long-haul trips possible and more enjoyable.

Top 7 Truck Stop Amenities

The following is a collection of the best amenities as identified by drivers who make their living driving all over the nation:


Obviously, when a driver has been driving nonstop for hours, stopping only to sleep a few hours, the need for a good hot shower becomes paramount. Thankfully, many truck stops or terminals offer truck stop showers to truck drivers. This allows drivers to feel refreshed and renewed, ready to face the roadway once again. Each terminal varies slightly on what they require for drivers to utilize their showers. Often it’s a refundable deposit of some amount and truck keys.


Another necessary and welcome amenity for today’s truckers is free Wi-Fi. Drivers can utilize this to watch movies or to stream digital services while relaxing for a few minutes or hours. Although many phone carriers today do have Wi-Fi via data, we all know how sporadic that can be sometimes and less than ideal to use when trying to stream something significant. It is even more helpful when doing simple things like browsing social media such as Twitter and Facebook when compared to using data. Add to that some phone plans place limits on data usage and the benefit of free Wi-Fi goes up even more.

Generous Parking

One major amenity truckers simply must have is a place to park their rig for a few hours and get a bit of shut-eye. A person is only human after all and still requires enough sleep to adequately and safely operate a truck. Thankfully, most truck terminals and truck stops have considered this fact and allow for adequate parking spaces for big rigs. Some of them even feature eclectic hookups and offer paid truck parking to keep spaces reserved for specific drivers. These generous spaces, which feature well-paved areas allow truckers to pull in and enjoy a few hours of relaxation without worrying about their rig.


When on the road, laundry is something that often gets pushed to the side. After all, there simply isn’t a rig big enough to practically and feasibly feature a washer and dryer. Therefore, many truck stops offer laundry services to drivers as they pass through. These units are designed to be fast and efficient, allowing drivers to quickly get their items washed and get back on the roadway without wasting too much time.

Driver Lounge

Often drivers need to simply stretch out or veg in a comfy chair or on a couch. Of course, it isn’t always possible for them to stop by their house if they are across the country. The next best thing and their home away from home can quickly become a driver’s favorite truck stop that features a driver lounge area. Each location will vary slightly, but most will feature comfortable furnishings designed to allow for a bit of lounging. They will also usually feature a TV and cable or satellite hookup that allows drivers to catch up on the latest news, catch a few minutes of a game or sit back and enjoy a snack in the quiet.

Abundant Food Options

Truck drivers understandably get sick of the run-of-the-mill fast food or traditional dining options while on the road. Thankfully, many truck stops feature an abundance of food options for drivers including restaurants as well as grocery/convenience stores. This allows drivers to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables as well as a warm meal when they stop in and stay awhile.

Additional Services

Truck drivers need additional truck stop amenities that are often not thought of as synonymous with truck stops. However, these amenities like barber services, pet grooming, movie theaters, workout rooms, game rooms, chiropractor and massage services, gift shops, and more make life on the road that much easier.

Truck Stops are Key to Making it on the Road

Life on the road isn’t a walk in the park. However, the best truck stops amenities outlined above can make life as a truck driver a little less lonely and a little more enjoyable.

Enjoy More at Knight Transportation Terminals

Drivers for Knight Transportation enjoy a home-away-from-home experience at any of the 26 Knight terminals and service centers across the country. We believe that all drivers deserve a welcoming place where they can rest, take a break, and relax with their fellow drivers. Knight drivers can expect a variety of different amenities, including free Wi-Fi, showers, a dedicated driver lounge, free laundry services, and truck maintenance shops. Contact us to learn how you can become a driver at Knight Transportation today!

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