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Tips for Backing Up a Semi-Truck Trailer

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One of the most challenging elements of truck driving is learning to successfully maneuver a trailer and be able to back up without great difficulty. Be patient with yourself if you can relate to this issue, as this can be difficult for both veterans and novice drivers. Thankfully, there are some tried-and-true tips you can keep in mind to at least make the process a bit easier:

How to Back up a Semi-Trailer

  • Practice: As the old adage goes, “practice makes perfect”. Perhaps, a better way to put this in terms of backing up a semi-trailer is “practice makes better.” Practicing backing up is the singular best way to become more comfortable backing up a large trailer. Take advantage of an empty parking lot or a truck stop and simply put in some time perfecting the art of backing up.
  • Take it Slow: When you are unsure, make sure you slow down your speed. This is especially true when backing up as going slow will give you time to make corrections. Always take the backing up process slowly, it isn’t a race!
  • Watch Your Steering Wheel: You likely remember this tip from CDL training, but it’s a good one to recall as you attempt to back up a trailer. Place your left hand on the bottom of the steering wheel. Now, know whichever direction you move the wheel will be the direction in which the trailer moves. If you move the wheel left, your trailer will go left, if you move it right, it will go right. From this point, just make sure that you are not oversteering, and this simple trick will often help you master the task of backing up.
  • Use Spotters: Asking someone to help you through the process of backing up can be immensely helpful. However, keep in mind, that any spotter you choose to help you with this should be someone who has driven a truck before and knows how to maneuver them when backing up. Remember to agree on communication signals prior to backing.
  • Get Out and Look: An easy-to-remember acronym for this is G.O.A.L.: Get. Out. And. Look. This is an easy tip that is tempting to not use because it adds time and frustration from other drivers around you. Don’t worry about this, though, as it is much better to get out of your vehicle, look at what is behind you and ensure you have sufficient space and a clear path. Let other drivers think what they will. After all, ensuring you don’t have an accident is important, not what others might think of you taking a closer look at your surroundings.
  • Eliminate Distractions: When you are backing into a crowded area, ensure you make eye contact and use your horn and indicator lights so that you are seen and heard. This will alert others to your presence and intentions.
  • Use Lights and Horn, Be Seen and Heard: When you are backing into a crowded area, make some noise to ensure you are seen and heard. This will alert others to your presence and increase the chances that everyone stays out of your way.
  • Use Your Mirrors: Your mirrors are there for a reason, use them when backing up. Also, make sure you check all mirrors throughout the maneuver, not just one, or you might miss an obstacle.
  • Avoid Backing into Spaces (if possible): The best option is often to not back up at all, but that’s not always the case. If you can, simply avoid having to back up in difficult scenarios like backing into a parking space. It’s also important to know your own limits when you simply don’t want to attempt backing up in a certain scenario. If you find yourself in this situation, try to park in an area that allows you to pull through.

Importance of Proper Training

Backing up is an important part of proper training in truck maneuvering. Keep the above tips in mind to improve this element of your driving.

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