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Top 9 COVID-19 Safety Tips for Knight Drivers

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Your health and safety as one of our drivers of the communities we serve are of utmost importance. Please adhere to following COVID-19 Safety Tips for Knight Drivers, resources, and links to help you stay safe while keeping the country running.

1.) Wash & Disinfect Regularly

One of the best ways to protect yourself against COVID-19, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is to wash and disinfect your hands regularly. Check out these tips on the CDC website to learn more. Wash hands with soap and water when possible for at least 20 seconds, especially after being in public. If soap isn’t available, you can use hand sanitizer, but make sure it contains at least 60% alcohol.

2.) Wipe Down Your Cab

The CDC warns that contact with contaminated surfaces and/or objects can be the source of contamination. Therefore, it’s important to wipe your cab down frequently to protect yourself. Be sure to do this after stopping for fuel, food or any other time when you encounter the public.

3.) Keep Driving Defensively

While there are fewer pedestrian vehicles on the roadway, there are likely more commercial vehicles making their way to and from. Therefore, remember your defensive driving training and protect yourself. Stay alert.

4.) Keep Social Distancing

Maintain social distancing practices when possible. The CDC defines social distancing as staying at least 6-ft from others and avoiding crowds and mass gatherings. We understand this isn’t always possible in every situation. Therefore, keep the tips in mind and try to use discernment in each situation. Protect yourself.  

5.) If You’re Not Feeling Well, Self-Quarantine

If you notice yourself feeling unwell, play it safe and self-quarantine. Now is not the time to play the hero. Thankfully, most who contract COVID-19 only become mildly ill. However, if you are contagious, you could give COVID-19 to someone who might not be as able to fight off the virus. We also do not want this devastating virus to spread among our drivers, so by quarantining yourself if you feel sick, you are protecting others.

6.) Communicate with Your Driver Leader

If you have questions or concerns pertaining to this particularly trying time, please contact your driver leader and communicate all concerns. We are here for you and want to hear from you. Don’t feel any concern is unwarranted.

7.) Keep Eating Healthy

The American Society for Nutrition explains the importance of healthy eating has on your overall immune system. Of course, the immune system is vital when it comes to your ability to fight off the virus if exposed. Therefore, now more than ever, remember to eat healthily.

8.) Use Your Driver Portal

Your Driver Portal gives you access to the Latest Company Bulletins and News, and Terminal newsletters for up-to-date information on changes and safety news, as well as Driver Supply Distribution Schedule and Locations with updated driver supply location points and terminal information (address, map, hours, and contacts).

For additional resources and to access your Knight Transportation employment information, utilize your driver portal.

9.) Use Terminal Provisions Locations

Use the provided driver supply points for driver provisions. We are happy to offer these benefits and goods to you in order to sustain you through this uncertain time. At Knight Transportation, we are committed to keeping you healthy. We want you to stay on the road, helping transport necessary goods all over the country for the betterment of the entire nation. Please implement the above tips and use them to protect yourself against COVID-19 while doing your job.


As frontline workers during this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, we at Knight Transportation thank you for your continued dedication. Thank you for answering the call at this critical time in our country, the call to keep critical supplies on store shelves, and ensure our economy keeps moving. Your willingness to stay in the fight demands both respect and admiration.

If you have questions about these COVID-19 Safety Tips for Knight Drivers, please feel free to contact us for additional information.


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