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Top 9 Trucking Podcasts and Why You Should Tune In

Trucking Podcasts

Podcasts give trucking industry pros a whole new way to communicate about life on the road and what it takes to be a trucker today. Many seasoned truck drivers are eager to share their experiences, advice, tips, and tricks, and opinions on the state of trucking in America. Here are the top 9 trucking podcasts and why you should tune in.

Beyond The Rig

Hosts Linda Dominy and Will Phipps deliver the ultimate transportation industry podcast made by truckers for truckers.

Why You Should Tune-in: You get weekly guest interviews, transportation industry news, stales from the road from experienced drivers, real stories of the ups and downs of over-the-road trucking, and more.

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An American Truck Driver

Chris has been in and out of the Trucking Industry for nearly two decades. This podcast exists to help you learn from his many mistakes and capitalize on the lessons he has learned. Here on the American Truck Driver Podcast, there will be something for you, from new drivers to Owner-Operators.

Why You Should Tune-in: Chris covers topics like bait and switch loads, ties, gears, engines, transmissions, fuel, working with agents, and more.


TalkCDL is a Trucking Podcast from Truckers for Truckers, posting a new Trucking Podcast Episode every Friday.

Why You Should Tune-in: Topics range from truck driver concerns, truck driver – customer relationship, supporting the next generation of truckers, and the most dangerous states to drive in, and more.

Trucking After Hours

Truckers Buck Ballard and his son Don cover trucking, pickups, cars, and the American obsession over anything with an engine.

Why You Should Tune-in: The podcast covers negotiating freight rates, finding the best trucking jobs, trucking news, the best OTR jobs, and more.

Trucker Dump

One driver’s insights, and sometimes humorous views, of truck driving and the trucking industry helping you understand the world of truckers through stories and a pathetic attempt at humor.

Why You Should Tune-in: The host provides product reviews, trucking news, job hunting, safety tips, regulations changes, and more.

The Lead Pedal Podcast for Truck Drivers

Helping truck drivers have successful trucking careers in the transportation industry. 

Why You Should Tune-in: Interviews, trucking information, and other features that are helpful for truck drivers and those in the industry.


FreightWaves’ irreverent award-winning podcast breaks down the biggest stories in transportation and logistics.

Why You Should Tune-in: Trucking industry CEOs, VCs, truckers, brokers, and influencers talks about logistics, owning a business, driving during COVID-19, and more.

Regarding Trucking

A one-on-one, in-depth, interview podcast with the people who make the trucking industry what it is today and where it will be tomorrow. 

Why You Should Tune-in: Hosts dig deep, asking trucking industry guests to share their knowledge, beliefs, and leadership skills so that we can also be inspired to do great things.

Let’s Truck with Kevin Rutherford

Trucking Advice and commentary. Business, financial, and political talk and advice for the trucking industry. We talk about everything trucking.

Why You Should Tune-in: You can ask about trucks, money, business, fuel mileage, maintenance, taxes, getting authority, finding freight, getting started as an owner-operator, the politics of trucking, health and fitness on the road, and more.

Did your favorite trucking podcast make the list? Share your thoughts on listening to industry insiders talk about trucking. You may also enjoy The 10 Best Trucker Movies and Why We Love Them.

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