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5 Advantages of Being a Refrigerated Truck Driver

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2020 has delivered a new world in the trucking industry. Not only has it re-established who essential workers are, but the year has also confirmed the value of refrigerated truck drivers. Despite lockdowns, shutdowns, and other restrictions, millions of refrigerated products must reach store shelves. With the demand for food, medicine, and other frozen or refrigerated items at an all-time high, there is no better time to drive reefer. Many refrigerated truck drivers find reefer driving great at creating the right schedule for meeting financial needs and adequate home time needs. If you are an experienced trucker looking to elevate your career, consider the 5 advantages of being a refrigerated truck driver.

Longer Hauls on Average

Refrigerated truck drivers typically average longer hauls than dry van, port & rail, and flatbed drivers. At Knight Transportation, reefer drivers average 700-800 miles per haul compared to 450 for dry van drivers. Reefer drivers average 150-200 miles more on average. Refrigerated truck routes allow drivers to get in more miles per week. Many reefer drivers feel getting more mile in per week means they are taking better advantage of the available driving hours than other types of hauls.

Higher Pay Per Mile

Refrigerated truck drivers typically average more per mile than dry van and flatbed drivers. At Knight Transportation, reefer drivers average 2-3 cents more per mile. Combined with averaging 150-200 more miles per week, reefer drivers create the opportunity to increase pay in two ways, helping each trip earn more.

Steady Year-Round Demand

Refrigerated product demand remains steady all year. Produce, medicine and other related industries do not have the highs and lows in demand. Typically, companies have “in-season” or spikes in product demand. Refrigerated truck drivers rarely see large demand swings. Because refrigerated products are all most always made in the U.S., demand is less influenced by overseas markets. The combination of steady demand and less dependence on foreign production, means reefer drivers are hardly ever looking for a trailer.

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Reefer Hauls Dry Too

One significant advantage refrigerated truck drivers have over other truckers is reefer units can transport dry hauls too. Reefer trucks can typically carry the same payloads as dry van, making them always ready to accept hauls. Many reefer drivers enjoy the ability to go from refrigerated product to dry product because it means the truck is making money more regularly.

5 Knight Transportation Refrigerated Truck Driver Extras

Maintaining Your Trailer

Knight Transportation refrigerated truck drivers avoid dropping trailers and spending time circling lots for empty ones. Locating an empty trailer can be frustrating and time consuming. Refrigerated drivers are usually back on the road faster and logging more miles than dry van drivers.

Safer Routes

Knight Transportation refrigerated truck drivers haul mostly in the Southern U.S., making weather less of a factor. Mild winter driving means safer driving conditions and helps reduce accidents. Consistent road conditions and fewer accidents mean reefer drivers are on the road earning more.

Detention Pay Auto-Calculated

Knight Transportation refrigerated truck drivers enjoy auto-calculated detention pay. Detention pay starts when the empty call comes is received. Reefer drivers spend less time chasing credit for detention and have no issues with paychecks or fewer problems with paychecks.  

Single-Source Dispatch

Knight Transportation refrigerated truck drivers communicate with one dispatcher only. Single-source dispatch ensures better communication between the driver and the dispatcher, reduces errors, resolves issues quickly, and helps foster trust.

Newer Equipment

Knight Transportation refrigerated truck drivers enjoy newer reefer trucks, updated reefer units, and less used equipment. The average truck age in Knight Transportation’s refrigerated truck fleet is less than two years. The refrigerated trailer fleet is made up of Volvo VN670s, International ProStars and Freightliner trucks, and Utility 53-foot trailers with ThermoKing SB210 reefers. Each truck provides the latest in temperature-control, cargo integrity, and durability while keeping maximum capacity. Aerodynamic trailer blades deliver a smoother ride, minimizes road spray, improves fuel economy, and adds stability in bad weather. All in all, reefer truck drivers received a more comfortable overall driving experience.


More and more dry van and port drivers are joining reefer today. When you combine all the benefits offered for Knight Transportation drivers — like an opportunity for $.05/mile monthly bonus, industry-leading rider and pet policies, vision, dental, medical, 401(k) match, life insurance, and PTO — reefer is an excellent choice for truck drivers in today’s new world.

Interested in becoming a reefer driver for Knight Transportation? View all available refrigerated truck driving jobs.

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