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7 Hobbies for Truck Drivers and How to Start Them

Hobbies for Truck Drivers

There are as many ways to spend your time on the road as there are hours. If you’ve had enough of staring out your cab window wondering how to make better use of your time – you’re in luck. All you need is your imagination and a smartphone, then leave the rest to us. Here are 7 hobbies for truck drivers.


According to, there are 850,000 active podcasts and over 30 million podcast episodes. Podcast formats range from interviews to storytelling to panel to solo or monologue. Types of podcasts cover everything from fictional murder mysteries, real-life documentaries, educational, to dark and creepy. The good news is – whatever you’re into, there’s the podcast audience available. 

You could start a podcast on something you’re knowledgeable about, curious about, or an experience you’re going through. As a professional truck driver, you might create a podcast detailing day-to-day-life on the road with tips and tricks to the best experience as a trucker. Podcasts have become one of the leading hobbies for truck drivers.

Idea starters:

How to Start a Podcast

Podcasts by Truckers

YouTube Channels

If you like being on camera, creating a YouTube channel might be worth a shot. Like podcasts, there is a YouTube channel audience for just about anything you can dream up. You might feature regular tips and tricks or advice about life on the road. Or you may interview exciting people you meet during your downtime. Then again, maybe you document a hobby you have that others might find interesting.

Idea starters:

How to Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube Channels by Truckers


One of the most significant benefits of being a truck driver is seeing our great country. Why not take up photography as a hobby, and capture the beautiful places you visit? Most smartphones have quality cameras for capturing meaningful moments or your take on the world around you. You can also find excellent cameras that won’t break the bank. 

Idea starters:

The Best Cameras for Beginners

Photo Tips for Beginners


With today’s smaller and more versatile culinary equipment, food prep and cooking is super easy on the road. Why not take your cooking skills to the next level and experiment with new dishes? Chances are you already cook for yourself and others on the road. Why not make cooking a hobby? The internet is full of Foody websites, podcasts, social media channels, and YouTube channels sharing advice, recipes, and step-by-step instructions for creating exciting and healthy meals.

Idea starters:

Bon Appétit YouTube Channel

Cooking Equipment for Truck Drivers


Picking up a new language used to center around reading books or attending classes. Today, you can spend the hours between deliveries on language learning apps. Many find audio learning and a “say and repeat” format a much more realistic way to learn a new language. Whether you want to communicate with others or are interested in continual learning, a new language is a perfect hobby.

Idea starter:

Best Language Learning Apps


Many truckers find starting a collection hobby keeps life on the road enjoyable. If you’re into glass frogs, spoons from each state, or antiques from small shops, there’s a collection for you. With a little research and pre-trip planning, hunting, and gathering what you’re into should be fun and straightforward.

Idea starters:

Top Beginner Tips to Smart Collecting

Playing Music

Have you always wanted to strum a guitar and sing by a campfire? Or maybe you want to be a piano man? Pack a guitar or roll-up keyboard and start learning. Like a cooking hobby, hundreds of YouTube and social media channels teach music theory and provide all types of instruction. You may find using your downtime jumpstarts your ability to reach your goals.

Idea starters:

Acoustic Guitars for Beginners

88-Key Folding Piano

Beginner Guitar Channel

Beginner Piano Channel

Hobbies for Truck Drivers Conclusion

Staying engaged on the road is essential. Sharing what your passionate about can be very rewarding for truckers. Try one or try them all and see what you discover about yourself. Even if you didn’t find the perfect hobby for your time on the road, maybe you’ve been inspired to find one.

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