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Essential Items for a Truck Driver Supply Kit

As a professional truck driver out on the open road, there are times when you might face unexpected delays. One of the most common situations is being stalled due to inclement weather or road closure. Thankfully, you can be prepared ahead of time for any situation you might face by putting together a well-constructed driver supply kit. Read on to learn more about what you need in such a kit and what situations might cause you to need such items:

Potential Reasons for Delay

As mentioned above, there are many types of situations that can lead to you being stalled in your rig on a roadway, and unable to make any forward progress. The most common situations are listed below, knowing what to look for can help you better prepare for any situation you might face:

Traffic/Road/Lane Closures: This dreaded event is commonplace for those who call the roads their workplace. Although sometimes traffic can be a minor delay, other times, when bad enough, it can essentially shut down progress as severely as weather-related issues. Speaking of which…

Weather: The right mixture of wind, ice, snow, and unexpectedly low temperatures can present the perfect storm so to speak in terms of halting your progress, along with other drivers.

Mechanical issues: Breakdowns can happen, leaving you stuck while waiting for assistance and/or a tow. Keeping up on your scheduled maintenance and completing your pre-trip check can help mediate the risk of a breakdown.

Truck Driver Supply Kit Essentials

Now that we have reviewed the kind of situations that could lead you to be stalled on the roadway unexpectedly, it’s important to put together the right kind of supply kit to utilize during this time. Consider adding all or most of the items listed below to create the ideal driver supply kit:

Water: Staying hydrated and having water handy is key. Keeping a gallon per person per day is a great rule of thumb.

Non-perishable food: It’s a good idea to keep on hand some long-lasting, high-calorie options that would last a few days. Items like nuts, packaged protein bars, and dried fruit are a good fit for this.

Warm clothing: Make sure that you have warm clothing, including base layers in case you have to wait out a storm. You might not always be able to run your engine, so you need to keep yourself warm.

Blankets: Make sure you have a good warm, heat-saving blanket to wrap up in and wait out a storm or to wait for help after an accident or during a traffic situation.

First aid kit: There are many instances where a first aid kit with basic items like pain relievers, bandaids, and wet wipes can be extremely useful.

Extra cash and/or credit card: It is a good idea to have cash or a credit card on hand to pay for food or any help you might need.

Portable phone charger: Keeping your phone charged is critical and extremely important to stay in communication.

Flashlight: To ensure you can see even if your headlights and interior lights aren’t working.

Toilet paper: For obvious reasons.

Basic tool kit: If you need to make minor repairs to your rig to get it working.

Fire extinguisher: In case of a fire due to an accident or other situation.

Jumper Cables: To be able to boost your truck.

Ice-scraper: To clear your window during icy weather.

Emergency warning triangles: These add increased visibility for passing traffic if you find yourself on the side of the road. This also helps support find you easier.

Personalize Your Kit

Make sure that your kit fits your route and your personal needs. For example, if you are driving in winter weather, make sure you have ample warm items. If you are diabetic, make sure you have your medication, etc.

Where to Keep Your Supply Kit

Also, you can keep your supply kit anywhere within the truck that you desire. Just make sure that it’s somewhere you can get to relatively easily and that it’s in a location where the items within your pack will not become damaged.

Keep in mind that some items need to be replaced from time to time to make sure they are still either in good working order or are safe to eat or drink. Now is the time to prepare for the unexpected—not when you are in the middle of a situation. Therefore, keep all the items in mind as you construct your truck driver supply kit.

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