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Knight Transportation Chicago, IL Terminal

Terminal History

Based around our Joliet drop yard, our terminal is proud to have Driving Associates from MN, WI, SD, IA, IN and of course IL. Covering these areas positions the terminal to offer a variety of routes to driving associates! Our Management team offers a wealth of knowledge and diversity. Chicago draws its strength from being able to partner with driving associates to create a family. The terminal strives for the success of every team member and welcomes anyone ready to accept the challenge. Contact us to realize your potential.

Quick Stats

  1. How much do your top company drivers earn?
    Our top drivers this year will earn over 6 figures
  2. Is there an opportunity to earn a bonus?
    Yes, we have many opportunities to earn bonus money. In fact, our top driver earned more than $15,000 in total bonus moneys from July ‘20 to July ‘21.
  3. What is the average pay for a Chicago Knight driver?
    On average, our drivers make $78,941 annually
  4. What Routes are you currently hiring for?
    We make every effort to accommodate our drivers’ requests. Chicago is blessed with a diversity of freight. We partner with our drivers to meet and exceed expectations.

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Greg Knight

Terminal Manager

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