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What’s Upcoming For The Truck Inventory Shortage?

The trucking industry has been experiencing a significant shortage of new truck inventory, leading to a surge in demand for used trucks. This has been caused by various factors, including supply chain constraints, semiconductor chip shortages, and raw material shortages. As a result, many dealerships are struggling to keep up with demand, with some not…

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Exploring Alternative Fuel for the Trucking Industry

Knight Transportation truck

The trucking industry has been under pressure from regulators to find cleaner and more efficient ways to move goods. Federal regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have forced companies to consider alternative fuels like electric, hydrogen, and natural gas. Knight-Swift, one of the largest trucking companies in the United States, is looking into these…

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Investing in Truck Driver Pay During Times of Economic Uncertainty

Knight Transportation, a leading company in the trucking industry, has successfully navigated the volatile economic climate by prioritizing investments in equipment and its drivers. One of the company’s primary objectives has always been to establish a self-sufficient business that does not rely on banks to remain operational. Most trucking companies, around 90 percent, depend on…

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Trucking Rate Forecasting for Drivers and Fleet Owners

The trucking industry has been experiencing significant changes in rates over the past year. Knight Transportation, a major player in the industry, has noticed the impact on both owner-operators and larger carriers. The decline in spot rates over the past 12 months is unprecedented. In 2019, there was a similar decline, but it took 20…

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Why Investing in Autonomous Vehicle Technology is the Future of the Trucking Industry

Fleet of Knight Transportation trucks

As the trucking industry continues to evolve, there’s one question that keeps coming up: why are companies investing in technologies like autonomous vehicles if it means they could eventually replace human drivers? While it’s understandable to be concerned about job security, it’s important to recognize that autonomous vehicles aren’t meant to replace humans, but rather…

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OTR Trucking Experience: The Benefits of Over-the-Road Trucking

over-the-road trucking

What is Over-the-Road (OTR) Trucking? Over-the-road trucking, also known as OTR or long-haul driving, is a classification of professional truck driving that can take you as a driver all over the 48 continental United States. In other words, when you choose this type of driving as your career, you will enjoy more travel and experience…

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Essential Items for a Truck Driver Supply Kit

As a professional truck driver out on the open road, there are times when you might face unexpected delays. One of the most common situations is being stalled due to inclement weather or road closure. Thankfully, you can be prepared ahead of time for any situation you might face by putting together a well-constructed driver…

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Using Refrigerated Freight Trucks in Freezing Temperatures

Freezing temperatures bring about unique challenges within the truck driving industry. Dangerous road conditions, unexpected weather that causes delays and even frozen freight can all be a result of hauling freight in freezing temperatures. Thankfully, by hauling refrigerated freight trucks, you can negate many of these problems and ensure you get your freight delivered in…

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Best Exercises for Truck Drivers

Man exercising

Truck driving is an adventurous career that gives you the opportunity to see the country from one end to the other from the cab of a tractor. While out on the road, prioritizing your health and making good decisions in terms of both physical activity and dietary decisions can bolster your overall well being. This…

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Traits of a Good Driver Trainer/Mentor

Knight Transportation truck driver trainer Anthony Evans

Due to the independent nature of the trucking industry, along with its tranquility and solitude, many drivers are drawn to this profession. Therefore, a common need within the industry is well-trained and experienced drivers who are willing to train the next generation of drivers as professional truck driver trainers. The following are some characteristics that…

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