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Truck Stop Etiquette for Truck Drivers

Trucks at a truck stop. Truck stop etiquette for truck drivers

American truck stops have experienced an up and down reputation over the years. In the 70s, when the open road called out to everyone, they were cool places to meet people from all walks of life. By the late 80s, truck stops became a bit more unsafe. Today though, truck stops have modern utilities, electronics,…

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The 10 Best Trucker Movies and Why We Love Them

Top 10 Best Trucker Movies

In the 1970s, American pop culture embraced the trucker lifestyle. CB radios became the hot electronic gadget, and trucker lingo made its way into everyday life. As people’s attitudes about flight attendants seeing the world in the 1960s, there was a fascination for the open road. Hollywood could no longer ignore truck drivers’ larger-than-life personalities,…

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7 Hobbies for Truck Drivers and How to Start Them

Hobbies for Truck Drivers

There are as many ways to spend your time on the road as there are hours. If you’ve had enough of staring out your cab window wondering how to make better use of your time – you’re in luck. All you need is your imagination and a smartphone, then leave the rest to us. Here…

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Best Gifts for Truck Drivers

Truck with Gifts. Best Gifts for Truckers

Any day is a good day to get the trucker in your life a gift. It doesn’t have to a special occasion like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day or Mother’s, or a birthday either. Because life on the road tends to wear down supplies and accessories faster than most travelers, your favorite essential worker out…

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Top 10 Truck Driving Tips for Winter

Top 10 Truck Driving Tips for Winter

Above and beyond what is experienced by regular-sized vehicles, commercial trucks are extremely susceptible to dangerous winter conditions. Even if you are an extremely experienced and highly skilled truck driver, winter driving conditions can present challenges. Wet or icy roads make it difficult for trucks to handle a load and make it difficult for you…

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Truck Driver Working Conditions and Sustainability Initiatives


Knight Transportation prides itself on being a carrier, leading the industry to reduce its environmental footprint and improve drivers’ safety and working conditions. The following are excerpts from the Knight-Swift Sustainability Report 2020 demonstrating our environmental and workforce commitments. Sustainability Initiative & Zero-Emissions Vehicle We plan to continue our strategy of investing capital in new equipment…

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Nine Best Apps for Truck Drivers

Best Apps for Truck Drivers

By the amount of technology embraced by today’s truck drivers, life on the open road is anything but old school. Truck drivers are utilizing handy, helpful smartphone apps to aid them in accessing critical information and accomplishing essential tasks on long- haul trips. Here are the nine best apps for truck drivers for today’s modern…

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The Trucker Lifestyle: Today’s Truck Driving Experience

18 Wheel Truck on the road during the day. Front View

Whether over the road trucking (OTR trucking) or long-haul trucking is a way of life, or a job is up to each truck driver. For many, the trucker lifestyle is a calling, and the road “calls your name.” Truck driving is finally receiving national recognition as an essential service, and truck drivers are known as…

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5 Advantages of Being a Refrigerated Truck Driver

Knight Transportation Refrigerated Truck (1)

2020 has delivered a new world in the trucking industry. Not only has it re-established who essential workers are, but the year has also confirmed the value of refrigerated truck drivers. Despite lockdowns, shutdowns, and other restrictions, millions of refrigerated products must reach store shelves. With the demand for food, medicine, and other frozen or…

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10 Reasons to Become an Owner Operator at Knight Transportation

Owner Operator Truck Driver standing in front of a Knight Transportation truck

The trucking industry is one of the most challenging sectors in the nation during normal times, without the current events that have tested the world’s resilience.  As Drivers and Owner Operators you spend much of your lives living in the truck, away from your families, home and pets; Isolated, even when it wasn’t a “big…

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