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Ever since Electronic Logging Devices (ELD’s) came out years ago, there has been a lot of rumors, myths, and misinformation. There’s no doubt that this is a big change to the trucking industry, but having all the facts is the first step in being prepared.  In our earlier post “Trucking Electronic Logging Devices – Are Your Ready” we covered how all truck drivers will need to transition from paper logs to electronic to document their adherence to federal regulations.

Today, we’re going to review some the top ELD Myths that have been circulating, with clear facts that put those arguments finally to rest.

Electronic Logging Device Myths

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<a href=””><img title=”Electronic Logging Device Myths [INFOGRAPHIC]” src=”” alt=”Infographic: Electronic Logging Device Myths” width=”800″ height=”2000″ /></a><br /><a href=””>Electronic Logging Device Myths</a> by <a href=””>Knight Transportation</a>

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