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COVID-19 Driver Resources


At Knight Transportation, we couldn't be more proud to know we have the best drivers in the industry delivering food, goods, and supplies coast to coast. Drivers are our heroes today, and every day - they are on the frontlines. They're going the extra mile to deliver loads, day and night, so that store shelves are stocked, and America has the goods they need. Our financial strength has enabled us to provide stability to all of our employees, and we understand that the country needs us now more than ever. Below are a few useful resources that drivers can refer to for supplemental support during the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic.



Well-being Medical Support

It is critical to know that at Knight Transportation, you are not alone and have resources to support your mental and physical well-being. Please check out the portal for a Knight Well-being Resource document that includes telehealth information, virtual fitness classes, and more.


Terminal Protocols

  • Temperature check when entering and before road tests
  • Social Distancing
  • Knight face masks and other PPE available
  • Cleaning supplies available


Driver Qualification Process (DQP)

  • 1-day only
  • Temperature Checks
  • Social Distancing
  • Knight face masks and other PPE available
  • Classroom and terminal is thoroughly cleaned each day


Terminal Locations



During this time, it is important to refer to professional guidance. Please use the CDC guidelines for general information regarding COVID-19.


We've created a FAQ to address frequent questions we're receiving. This FAQ answers questions related to COVID-19, precautions we are taking, and what drivers should do if they become ill, among other topics. Please click on the links below to go to each section of the FAQ.

COVID-19 Virus



Financial Support

If I Become ill or Exposed

Inability to Work from Home

New Drivers and Employees

Office Staff


Safety/Security Concerns


Supplies for Drivers

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