Knight Careers for Veterans

Finding employment can sometimes be a challenge when you return home after serving in the armed forces — but it doesn’t have to be. Knight provides veterans and those that are providing ongoing military service, a transportation career that offers flexible schedules and consistent income. At Knight, we have many active service men and women who proudly serve our country and then always safely return to their career at Knight.

Approved CDL School 

The Knight CDL school has been approved to receive veteran benefits for tuition, which means your training could be paid by the VA.

Veteran Benefits for School

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers former servicemembers benefits to help them start quality careers. As part of the VA’s GI Bill®, most veterans can get VA paid training for the education they need to start a new career.

Veterans Can Also Enjoy


Mission-Focused Work


Competitive Pay and Great Bonuses


Flexibility of Scheduling


Opportunities for Professional Growth

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