Top Truck Driver Phone Apps 2019

Top Truck Driver Phone Apps 2019

There are several ways you can incorporate technology into the career of professional truck driving. One easy method is to download applicable smartphone apps to make all elements of the truck driving profession easier. The following are some of the top truck driving apps of 2019 you will want to try:

Trucker Path

This is likely the single most downloaded free trucking app on the market. The app has been downloaded over a million times and boasts good reviews from real truck drivers. It helps you find available parking, truck stops, fuel prices, and even check weigh station statuses. The following are additional features of Trucker Path:

Features of Trucker Path

  • Truck Stops: Trucker Path helps you navigate thousands of truck stops all over the nation and even tells you the kinds of amenities and services they offer.
  • Truck Parking: This helps you find available parking in real time.
  • Weigh Stations: This feature lets you know if an upcoming weigh station is closed or open in real-time.
  • Fuel Prices: This helps you find the right place for you to stop and fuel up and even gives you the ability to compare diesel prices.
  • Walmart Truck Parking: You can use the Trucker Path app to determine which Walmarts allow truck parking across the nation. The database utilized by the app features over 3,800 separate Walmart locations.
  • Truck Wash: The Trucker Path app database has over 400 truck wash locations, including trailer washout and independent wash station locations.
  • Navigation: You can even use your Trucker Path app to plan your trip and find various points of interest.
  • Cost: Free to download and use.


This is a free downloadable app that helps you successfully bypass weigh stations for over 700 sites. This can save you valuable time, which of course results in increased revenue and profit. Currently, this app has been downloaded over 100 thousand times. Read on for more features of Drivewyze:

Features of Drivewyze

  • Ability to Bypass Weigh Scales: This is contingent on your carrier’s safety score. If your carrier qualifies, you can be allowed to bypass weigh scales.
  • Endorsed by Trucking Associations: This app is endorsed by many state trucking associations.
  • Heads Up Alert: This alert feature of the Drivewyze app gives you a heads up regarding over 1,200 weigh stations. They will let you know when you are two miles away from the mobile inspection site or station.
  • Optimization: This feature means the app won’t overtax your data usage or drain your phone’s battery.
  • Updates Regularly: New site location and states are added and updated often.
  • Cost: Free to download and use.

BigRoad Trucking Logbook

This app makes it easy to track your driving and/or service hours. It is reliable, easy-to-use, has been downloaded over 100 thousand times and is considered the number one choice for ELD Mandate Compliance. The following are more features of the BigRoad Trucking Logbook app:

BigRoad Trucking Logbook Features:

  • Tracks Hours of Service (HOS): This app lets you easily make and edit eLOGS and calculate the remaining time you have left to drive, ensuring you aren’t violating HOS rules.
  • Generates and Sends Reports: You can send your fleet manager your inspection reports and logs with this app.
  • Easy Inspections: All inspectors are easily able to read clean elogs.
  • Cost: Free to download and use.

Weather Channel

Though not exclusively for those in the truck driving profession, this is an especially valuable app for all who operate a truck for a living. After all, you can’t keep up with weather news when you drive in and out of radio station signals constantly, and sometimes weather changes so rapidly, you could be driving into a dangerous weather situation without being any the wiser. That is where this app from the Weather Channel comes in handy. The following is a breakdown of the features provided by this app, which has been downloaded over 50 million times:

Weather Channel App Features

  • Home Screen in Real Time: This feature means your home screen will change based on your current location, time of day and weather.
  • Monitors Storms: It, of course, monitors all storms and hurricanes.
  • National and Local Forecasts: This feature provides you will an hourly, 15-day, and weekend forecast for all of America and Canada.
  • Current Weather Conditions: Find out the time of sunset and sunrise, current humidity and temperatures, wind speed and snow cover at any given moment with this app.
  • Weather Maps: This provides you with valuable future radar as well as rapidly loading maps.
  • Alerts: If there is severe weather in your area, you will get an alert from this app. This can include alerts for rain, pollen counts, lighting and more.
  • Cost: Free to download and use.


Again, this app isn’t necessarily designed only for those in the trucking industry, but it is especially helpful to them. This app has been downloaded over a million times and helps the user find various places located nearby using their current location. No need to stop and ask locals for advice on where to waste a few hours of time or find a great steak dinner. The following are more features of the app:

AroundMe Features

  • Find Anything: Use the features of this app to find hotels, gas stations, banks, supermarkets, movie theaters, restaurants, entertainment and more based on your current location.
  • Cost: Free to download and use.

The above are all helpful resources for you as a professional truck driver.  By utilizing them, you are sure to avoid costly mistake as far as logging service hours incorrectly, find the best place to eat no matter where you are, ensure you know where every weigh station is and whether or not you can bypass the weighing process, make sure you don’t drive into severe weather and much, much more. What’s even better is the fact that they are all free to download and use, so there is no reason to not at least try them out. We at Knight Transportation hope you enjoy this helpful list.  

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