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Knight Transportation: Wives of Truckers

The life of a professional trucker is one of adventure, fulfillment and accomplishment. Being a trucker’s wife can be just as fulfilling if the role is approached properly. A trucker’s family can either embrace or fight against the responsibilities that accompanies such an occupation. We advise trucker’s wives to welcome your husband’s chosen profession and…

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Truck Driver Time Management

Are you new to truck driving? Of the many questions asked by rookie drivers, one of the most common is how many miles you should be driving. While this is a reasonable question, the better question to ask is how do you manage your time? Truck driver time management is so important because without it…

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How Truckers Pass Time on Long Hauls

Truckers work very long hours and spend a lot of time sitting. You do have to pay attention to the road, but there may still be hours of nothing but Interstate to see, and not much to pay attention to. While long haul truckers do need to pay attention, they may need distractions to stay…

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How To Improve Truck Fuel Efficiency

When long-haul truckers are paid by the mile, or by time, they may be tempted to drive faster or stay out on the road longer, to earn more money. However, there is a downside to doing so which you may not have considered. That downside comes in the form of fuel efficiency and ultimately higher…

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